Paired Lovers Matching Necklaces

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These lovers matching necklaces are specially designed for you and your loved one. One necklace features a half heart-shape with the word love, while the other features a half heart-shape with the word you. The two necklaces come together to form a heart with the phrase "love you." Always feel close to your loved one with this special pair of necklaces. 

This lovers matching necklaces is divided into black and silver color, when they are close, they will attract each other. Express your love with a romantic necklace for yourself and your partner! The necklace in love is divided into two halves in the shape of a heart, one of which has the inscription LOVE and the other YOU. By joining them together, he creates a love message LOVE YOU. One part is for a man, the other for his beloved partner.

A Well-Crafted Couple Necklace is perfect for anyone to wear as daily or travel jewelry, especially for couples in love. A perfect gift to your lovers on birthday, Valentine's Day, engagement wedding ceremony, and other warm occasions. These pendants aren’t just meaningful, they’re stylish and versatile too. Perfect couple gifts for him and her, feeling together no matter where you are no matter how far with your lovers.


  • The stylish and classic appearance.
  • It doesn’t rust, change color or tarnish.
  • This custom engraved anklet is fit for daily wear.